Meera #2

Calista made her way to the work shop. How embarrassing for her translator to short out right then. She was humiliated. Not only was she new to the planet, but she was the only human on this planet and it happened in front of so many other beings.

Meera #1

It was quite a light show. She had never seen anything like it. The girl looked mortified. Meera would have been so embarrassed had anything like that happened to her. The girl was amazing to look at. She had grey eyes and dirty blonde hair. She was medium height and she was slim. She looked kind of like pictures Meera had seen of humans. She would have to go to the library to brush up on humans.

Regrets #4

I opened up the closet to tackle one of the spare bedrooms. I already had cleared out all the furniture. For one person she had so many things. In one bedroom there was two dressers, two beds, four lamps, and two mirrors. That didn’t include the closet. The closet was full of pictures, boxes of pictures and photo albums. This was going to take a long time to go through. Maybe the pictures I would take back with me to Minnesota to go through.

Flash Fiction #3

“Please shut the door. Its too cold outside to leave it open long.”


” How was the trip?”

“Long and cold.”

“I am so excited you are here!”

“I am glad to be able to make it. It seems like its been so long.”

“Its only been 2 months.” I laughed at her.


Regrets #3

The attic was dark and musty. It looks like no one had been up here in a while. I started toward the boxes. None of them were marked. Going through these was going to take a while. Not only did we have to sort through the whole house but the attic was so full. There were boxes, trunks, and furniture. I hadn’t realized how large it was until now. I actually don’t remember ever coming up here. It seems odd since I had been all over the house many times over the years. Karen came up the stairs and stopped at the top,

“OMG! How much stuff is up here?”
“I cant tell,” I replied, “ I am sure we are going to be here for a few months going through everything.”
“I can help for about a month before I have to get back home.”
“Well Jon and Mary should be able to help for longer. So whatever you can do and if all four of us are here it should go faster.”
“Tomorrow we will start sorting through the rooms downstairs.”

Flash fiction #2

Roxanne was on her way to the Delta quadrant when Max rang her. His voice exploded on the other end.

“Rox, where are you?”

“Headed toward Delta. Why?”

“It finally happened.”

“What happened?”

“Zeus invaded the complex on Alpha.”

This was a disaster. If Zeus had finally made the move to take over Alpha, Ralph and his gang would be in danger.

Regrets #2

Tomorrow we were to go through her house. It had been at least a decade since I had stepped foot in that house. I had spent my childhood there every summer. I remember it fondly. The sun, warmth, and humidity. I hope that my sisters and brother come to help me but I am not holding out hope for that. Although my younger sister had spent the last few years looking after our grandmother she is having a hard time with all that is happening.