Flash fiction #9

He had been looking for it for days. The last place he remembered seeing it was on the table in the entry where he kept the keys. Which is odd since it shouldn’t have been there to begin with. It was sitting next to the mail. Right? Maybe he was remembering it wrong. Trying to retrace the steps he took last night had been a waste of time. Amy was not going to be happy that he had lost it. Damn!

As he sat on the couch something caught his eye.

Flash Fiction #8

On October 18, 2030 something looking like a meteor fell into the Pacific Ocean. Turns out that it wasn’t a meteor. It was debris that had been floating around earth. In the days that followed pieces kept falling to earth. From the 18th to November 2 around 200 objects came down. It was devastating.The first landed in the ocean and many more did. But dozens landed in cities. They hit buildings, houses, schools and parks. Day after day the earth was being pelted and decimated by space debris.

Flash fiction #7

He had been out to sea for two years. His son would now be four and he could not wait to see his wife. When he got to his home he found his son in the front room. He went into the kitchen where he wife was preparing a meal. She looked the same. She had beautiful red hair with pale skin. As she turned around her green eyes lit up. She was still the most amazing woman he had ever seen.

Flash fiction #6

The floor tasted like dirt. It clung to my tongue like glue. When was the last time I had cleaned it? Clearly it has been a while. My head was pounding and the light was ridiculously bright. I tried moving my fingers. They were a little stiff but moved ok. I slowly turn myself onto my back. I recognize where I am. I am definitely still in my kitchen. Nothing looks different but everything feels different. I am not sure what happened. While I was making myself lunch there was a loud noise by the back door. That is the last thing I remember.

Flash fiction #5

“His wife was having tea with the King and he didn’t even know about it.”

“No. Can you believe it?”

“Not really.”

It had been a long time since she had heard from her best friend. Why would she be having tea with the King? How does she even know the King? This seemed very odd.

Flash fiction #4

As Elliot was turning into a teenager, I was fading into the background. One his thirteenth birthday I noticed a tingly in my arms. It was strange and started at my fingertips.
On his fourteenth birthday my fingers actually started to fade. I could still see them but they were definitely fading and the tingling persisted.

Meera #2

Calista made her way to the work shop. How embarrassing for her translator to short out right then. She was humiliated. Not only was she new to the planet, but she was the only human on this planet and it happened in front of so many other beings.