Flash Fiction #28

“Are you excited? Your life’s about to change?”

I stare at myself in the mirror while my mother puts on my veil. She then leaves me to my thoughts and I realize I am in the room alone.

Am I ready? I’ve heard that girls dream about their wedding day. Some even have them planned. Which sounds ridiculous but its true. My best friend had every detail of hers planned and her wedding was exactly what she wanted. It was expensive, but exactly how she pictured it. She married last year, and I was her maid of honor. It was a beautiful wedding. She seems happy with Trent.

My wedding. Mine. Me getting married, hitched, tied down. However, you want to describe it. I never pictured myself getting married. Here I am about to walk down the aisle. When Robert proposed a year and a half ago my family was jubilant.

“He’s amazing!”

“He’ll take great care of you!”


“You’re so good together.”

I was so overwhelmed with everything. Dresses, flowers, food, cake, and pictures. There was so much. I was also not quite sold on getting married. I said yes to Robert because of the pressure. Mothers can be relentless when you reach a certain age. Mine felt that 30 was too old to be getting married. She wanted grandbabies!!!! Robert and I had been dating for 6 years.

“Its time Kat. You two have been together too long.”

So here I am. I should have said no or backed out but I’m a spineless asshole. There was a knock at the door.

“You ready Kat?” My dad spoke softly in the doorway.

“Give me a minute.”

“Ok. I will be waiting in the hall.”


I took a deep breath and tucked my phone in my dress.

I open the door slowly and peer out. My father is standing down the hall with his back to me to my right. I look left and see that there is a clear path. I hesitate and look back at my father. I calmly slip out of the room and go left.





Flash Fiction # 27

I have lived in this village my whole life. I grew up knowing the other shop keepers up and down the main road. The butcher worked with the crane and wagon. He was always blocking the road. His shop was on the left side of the street. Daniel Smith sold produce on the right side diagonally from the butcher. The dressmaker, Mr. Johnson had his shop on the left side in front of the arch. The pub sat between the dressmaker and butcher.

Our shop was different from the others. Our shop stood in the other side of the arch hidden from the front of the village. I was the third generation to help run the shop. My grandmother and mother made candles, potions, salves, and various teas. My grandmother and I had a specialty that people came whispering about. We were able to take memories. Everyone in the village had come to us at least once.

The shop was small with two windows at the front. There were several herbs and flowers that hung in them. The walls were covered with red cloth that had gold accents. Three chandeliers held candles that gave the shop a soft glow. To the left of the room there was a table where we mixed our slaves, teas, and potions. On the right side, we made candles. The back room was split into two. One side to hold the rest of our ingredients and a side where we took memories.

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Flash Fiction #26

“You got the credits, we got the crystal.”

We continued to stare at each other for another minute. It has always been difficult dealing with Godin’s tribe. They were the only dark elves within my designated traveling zone. Since there has been a large number of nymphs and humans going missing they have been patrolling borders more closely.

“Gonid, Lyng is coming with the rest.”

Lyng is a goblin I had grown up with and now live with. Our city had a mix of human, elf, gnome, goblin, and nymph citizens. I am half elf, half human.

“Hossala, we cannot delay much longer.”

Damn. Lyng is never on time. I had told her an earlier time to be sure she would be here. Lyng came running in right as I was about to try and stall more. The guards drew their weapons.

“It’s Lyng. Gonid please.”

“Lower your weapons.”

“Thanks for the warm welcome gents.” Lyng comments.

“Why are you late?”

“Hi. Nice to see you too.”

We really needed this crystal. This was the second to last one we needed to buy passage to get to my brother in Crayus.

“Did you bring the rest?” Gonid snapped.


“Well, hand it over.” Gonid growled impatiently.

Lyng handed over a pouch full of credits. It had taken us six months to gather the 2,000 credits needed. Lyng and I worked extra hours at the shop we both worked at. I also took on a second job and collected credits anyway we could.

“Gonid. The crystal.”

“One turquoise crystal. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”
We left his shop as fast as we could and headed to the train station.

“Why were you so late? We almost lost the crystal.”

“Geofbane wouldn’t let me leave until I finished my order.” We looked at each other. She was annoyed I asked her. I could see it in her face.

“I did my best to get out early.” Lyng sighed. “Did he say how much we needed for the amber crystal?”

“6,000 credits.”

“6,000 is a lot. How are we going to come up with that much?”

“Same way we came to 2,000. We will work and save.”

“I will pick up a second job this time if I have to.”

“We can also go to the salvage yard. Find things to fix and sell.”


My brother Donmar was taken to a colony in Crayus two years ago. Lyng and I have been working since then to go to him. We are trying to bring him back home. They took him in the middle of the night. I had only been home for a few hours after my shift. I was woken by a crash. It was terrifying seeing my brother handcuffed and dragged out of our home.

Lyng and I continue to work and save. Hopefully we can make it to Donmar within a year.

Flash Fiction #25

Today I am doing something different. I have teamed up with a friend of mine who is a very talented artist. He has drawn a picture and I wrote a small flash fiction off of it. We are hoping to keep this a regular thing. I think that this is a great way to get his work out and it adds something to things I write. We haven’t decided yet if we are going to do this weekly or monthly or bi-weekly. We do know that we are going to keep working together and there are already some other drawings and stories in the works.


It stood at least 10 to 12 feet tall. Slime dripped from its pointed teeth as it slowly moved down the street. I could see Jared in his post high above the ground. Jo was on the same side of the street I was but she was further south. With where we had set ourselves for the day we covered all angles coming in and out of this one street town. We had been dodging this monster for two weeks now. You could always hear it coming. It’s pointed legs scraping across the asphalt. Setting traps for it had been difficult. Rope was useless because of its exoskeleton and it could cut through most anything with its claws. There were a few spots you could sink an arrow into it, around its eyes and abdomen. The anatomy reminded me of a spider. It moved like one as well.

Since we had come to this outpost this was the biggest monster we had seen. We had come across several others but this one was the most terrifying. Jo had found a nest of something that looked like a wasp but much larger. Exploring the full outpost and small town should be easy because of its size, but we haven’t gotten far due to the monster activity. From the logs I have found, this place has been abandoned at least four years. Without the presence of humans the creatures were able to take over. We have been able to make it into the living quarters so we have a place to sleep, eat, and have a base of sort. Our mission is to clear the town. Just five of us may not cut it.

“Alice.” Jo’s voice came into my earpiece.

“What?” I whispered back.

“Kane said there are 3 wasps behind this thing.”

“Why didn’t Kane tell me himself?”

“He left his earpiece in his quarters.”


“Ok. So what are we going to do?”

As soon as I finished my sentence the monster let out a loud growl. This was one thing we hadn’t heard yet. It had made noises before. Some were loud and one was almost a screech but this was different. From the other side of the street we heard the familiar scrape of pointed legs against the asphalt. I turned slowly and there stood another. This one was similar in size. It had different colors. This one had green parts where the other is all black. It was still just as terrifying.


“I see it Jo.”

“We need to move soon. It’s getting dark.”

“Ok. Tell me when and we will begin to move.”

At that moment the monster began charging one another. They crashed into each other with a deafening boom right below me. As they locked claws they fell over into the building I was on. Shit! The whole building shook.



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New Years flash fiction

Since it is the last day of the year I figured I would get one more flash fiction in. I hope everyone had a great year and that next year is even better!



Ours eyes met a few seconds before the stroke of midnight. Too bad I hadn’t seen him earlier. Garrett had turned out to be dull and this guy was hot. Tall, dark and handsome. Not my type but he had interesting eyes. I looked around for my date and found him giving someone else a New Years kiss. Figures…..

I turn and the mystery man seemed to have disappeared. Damn!

“Lena, I’m going to leave now.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay a little longer?”

“No, I’m ready now.”

“Where is Garrett?”

“Kissing some random woman.”

“Nice. What an ass.”

“It is what it is. It’s not like he was a huge loss.”

“Happy new year. I will see you at work next week.”

“Goodnight Lena, happy new year!”

As I was going down the hallway to grab my coat mystery man was coming down the hall.

“Hi.” He smiled at me.

“Hi.” I muttered while trying to pass him.

“Are you leaving already? It’s only 12:20.”

“Ya, I’ve got to get home to my cat.” Really, who says things like that. I internally cringed at how stupid I sounded.

“Your cat huh?”

“I’m watching my moms cat.” Why? What am I even saying right now. Get the hell out now Desi.

“Alright, have a happy new year.”

“You too!”

I then turned as quickly as I could.

“Whats your name?” He called after me.

“Desi. And you?”


“Nice to meet you. Have a good night.”

I took off as fast as I could without running.


Wednesday came too fast. I was glad I had taken that extra day after New Years. As I walked to my desk I could see that Lena had already been in. She had set coffee on my desk. Yes!

“Desi. I got your favorite.”

“Thank you! I definitely need it this morning. I’ll get our tomorrow.”

“Sounds like a plan. So…..A friend of mine was asking about you from the other night.”

“It wasn’t Garrett was it?”

“No. Well, he did too but I told him he was an ass and you were no longer interested.”

“Thank you.”

“Anyway. My friend Sebastian was asking about you.”


“He said he had been watching you for a while on New Years but didn’t get to talk to you until you were leaving.”

“Oh my goodness. You know him. How?”

“He and I went to college together. He is a great guy. He wanted me to give you his number.”

“I’m surprised. I was acting like an idiot.”

“I would give him a call.”

I dont know about that. I’m pretty sure we would have a similar conversation to the other night.

Hi, hi, oh I have a cat waiting for me at home. OMG…..I think I will spare myself the embarrassment.



Flash Fiction #24

I was looking out the window at the butterflies again. My mind wanders so often now. It is difficult to keep track of the days or weeks that seem to be passing in the blink of an eye. At times I catch myself thinking of my childhood. Running through the forests in Minnesota in the summer or sledding in the winter. My sisters and I had always been close.

“Grandma.” Celia interrupts my thoughts.

“Yes dear.”

“We’re going to be leaving now.”

“Ok dear.”

“We will see you next week. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

I am alone again. This is new for me. I was married for 50 years to my high school sweetheart. I have hardly been alone. My children and grandchildren come and visit me once a week. There are others here in this home that don’t see their family at all. So, I suppose I should count my blessings. Geoff had always told me that we should count our blessings. We had a home, he had a great job, and we had 6 beautiful children. I always though that we would live together until the day we died. But that old man went and died on me. Not long after I began to forget little things. My kids and grand kids became worried and I was put in this home. It hasn’t been too awful. There are several things to do here from day to day. I read a lot. I miss being able to do things on my own and I miss Geoff.

Flash Fiction #23

They’ve done all these studies about how twins remain connected, physically, their whole lives. I haven’t seen Sally for twenty years, but sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night with pain in my knee and I know it’s her pain, not mine. Or I’ll be taking a walk and I’ll feel a strange emotion that has nothing to do with my current situation.

My sister Sally and I were born October 1st, 1984 in Los Angeles. Our mother was young and could not take care of two babies, so she gave us up for adoption. Unfortunately, we were separated as teenagers when they put us in to two different foster homes. We were not able to keep in touch with one another. I ended up moving to Houston when I was eighteen to go to school. Last time I was able to find out anything about my sister, she had moved to Arizona. This was at least ten years ago now.

I have been in Houston now for fifteen years. I have tried to find Sally for years. I am not sure if she has changed her name or not. Out of curiosity I also looked for my birth mother. I was able to find her. She went on to get married and now has three other children. We have only been talking now for two years. Our relationship is fragile, and she seems disingenuous when she asks me to come and see her. So for now we speak occasionally and I continue to look for Sally.