Flash Fiction #32

As I wait in line to go into the underworld, I hold my dearest possessions. A photo of my family, my grandmothers ring and my fathers watch. The line is moving at an agonizing pace. Before you can cross the threshold, you must give up the possession you want most. Had I not killed that man I would have been going to the gates above the clouds.

50 spots back from the front.

It looks like I still have several hours until I reach the front. My father had given my this watch the day before he passed. He wore it everyday and it looks odd in my hands. My grandmother gave me her ring on my 16th birthday. It was given to her for her wedding from her aunt. The photo is my mother, father, two sisters, myself and my grandmother.

40 spots back from the front.

I can’t seem to decide who I will cast aside when the time comes. It seems logical that I would keep the picture since I could then look at everyone for eternity. But would that make it my most prized possession? The ring and the watch mean the most to me. If I kept the picture would it let me cross?

30 spots back from the front.

Would my grandmother feel anything if I gave her ring away? Same with my father? Do they see me from the clouds as I descend into the underworld? Would the rest of my family feel the betrayal as I choose the ring or watch over the photo?

20 spots back from the front.

In a flash I am at the threshold.

“#3698, what is your most prized possession?”

I stare at him and my heads swims as I think of what I need to keep. The fire pit to my left looms large and uninviting. The flames shoot out of the opening licking my feet.

“Now #3698.”

Before I walk into the underworld I toss it all in the fire knowing that I don’t need objects to remember them.


Flash Fiction #31

10 days. 10 days.


10 days….

“Yes Sophie.”

“Can I have a pony?”

“A pony?”

“Yes. A pony. Please.”

“Where are we going to keep a pony?”

“In the backyard. Or in my room.”

“That’s not going to work. Even if we had a place to put a pony, they are a lot of work. You have to feed them, clean them and pick up their poop.”

“I will do it ALL!”

“Seriously Soph.”

“Come on mom.”

Am I standing here going back and forth with my 5-year-old for a reason? This is ridiculous.

“Did you ask your father?”

“He told me to ask you.”

Of course he did.

“I have a great idea. Why don’t you write another letter to Santa to ask him for one?”

“Sure. Seems like something he could do.”

“I am going to do that right now!”


“Sophie, are you ready to get grandma from the airport?”

As I was standing looking at my list of things to complete Sophie comes running in and shoves a letter in my hand.

“What’s this?”

“My letter to Santa.”

“Wow! There are only five days until Christmas. Are you sure it’s enough time?”

“Mom, its Santa. He’s magic. Remember?”

“Right. How could I forget?”

“I hope I get my pony tomorrow.”

“Well if you don’t you can always try again next year.”

“I know” she said with a sigh.

Tomorrow I am going to have a disappointed little girl. I hope she will be distracted by the excitement of the morning.

“MOM!!” Sophie yelled.

“What?!” I shot awake. “Is something wrong?”

“No. Its Christmas morning! I got a PONY!!”

“Ugh. Don’t yell at me to wake me please unless something is wrong.”

It then registered what she had yelled at me.

“What?!” I jumped out of bed.

“SANTA GOT ME A PONY!!” she ran downstairs.

“Jeff! Did you get her a pony?”

“Of course not.”

I hurried after her as quickly as I could. She was standing in the foyer with the front door open looking outside with a stupid grin on her face.

The pony stood in the front yard just beyond the porch. Its beautiful with chocolate hair and a tan mane.

“Sophie, stay right here. I am going to see who brought it for you.”

“It was SANTA!” she began to run forward.

“Sophie! Please stay right here.”

As I was walking toward the pony it began to act agitated. I moved as slowly as I could. Just as I was about to scoot off the porch my foot hit a box. Inside was an envelope.


To Sophie

It was written in the most beautiful script. Jeff showed up beside me then.

“That looks handwritten.” Jeff stated.

“It does. Who the hell got her a pony?”

“I don’t know. Open the envelope.”


You wrote me the sweetest letter. Here is the pony you asked for. Her name is Medusa. I hope you like her.



Jeff and I looked at each other horrified. As we turned to look at Medusa, she opened her mouth and out came a fireball.

“That is so awesome! A FIRE BREATHING PONY!” Sophie squealed.


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Flash Fiction #30


The phone woke me up at 1. It took me a few minutes to figure out that it was the landline. Who even calls me on this line anymore?I had to go all the way down the hall into the kitchen to answer it almost stepping on the cat in the process.

“Mrs. Walsh?”
“Yes. Who is this?”
“My name is Joseph Anderson. I am your Aunt Edith’s lawyer.”

Aunt Edith was my fathers sister. I haven’t seen her or spoken to her in more than 20 years. Why is this man calling me and not my father?

“Can I help you Mr. Anderson?”
“I am calling to let you know that your aunt has passed.”
“That is unfortunate. Have you notified my father?”
“I have not. I was hoping you could give me his number. This was the only one that I could find.”

That is very strange. Why would she not have my father’s number?

“Sure. His number is 943-230-2200.”
“Thank you. Mrs. Walsh there is another matter at hand.”
“Mrs. Hatch left her estate to you.”
“Excuse me? Her estate?”
“Yes. She left her home, all of her belongings, and balance of her accounts to you.”

My aunt had married several times over her life but never had any children. I thought she would always leave her things to her brothers. I guess not. Her home was magnificent. It was built at the turn of the century and she did not modernize it other than making it safe to live in. She had filled her home with priceless paintings and antiques.

“How much is in her accounts?”
“Once we settle some taxes and my fees, there will be a balance of 5 million.”

I dropped the phone.

“ADAM!!” I screamed for my husband as loud as I could.
“What?” He came running out of the room also almost killing himself on the cat.
“Damn it Bruno. Whats wrong babe?”

I picked up the phone again.

“Sorry Mr. Anderson.”
“Quite alright. Can we meet later in the morning to go over everything?”
“Sure. What time and where?”
“11 at my office. I will have my secretary call you with the details in a few hours.”
“Thank you.”

I hung up the phone and turned to Adam.

“My Aunt Edith died and she gave me everything.”
“Everything? What does that mean?”
“Her estate which includes a home, bank accounts and everything in the home.”
“I don’t know. We meet with Mr. Anderson at 11. Adam, the bank accounts alone are 5 million.”

He just looked at me with the dumbest face and expression.





Flash Fiction #29

Things started to change in the beginning of the 20th century. Some humans had evolved and could read the auras of others. With the evolution of humans came a war over how to handle these changes. The United States absorbed Canada to become the Greater United States. Mexico and all of South America became Brazil. There were many changes that happened all over the world.

My sister, Mira, and I are aura readers. Gifts begin to show before a child turns 10. When your gift begins to come to light, you are taken from your family to train in a facility in New Montana.

Everyone has an aura around them. They can change color or have different colors at once. Any hue of red generally denotes sickness, blue can be sadness, and so on. Some aura readers can read moods, like my sister, or health. I can see someone’s health. Not only can we read auras, we can change them as well. Changing moods is easy. However, changing someone’s health or healing them can be dangerous and does not always work. Unfortunately, from a young age I have seen a lot of death.

Once we were done with training we were sent to New York to work. I am now 16. I have been working for 4 years now. They keep us in a government building downtown. They keep us under lock and key, so they can control our gifts. People will que for days to see the auras. It is expensive to use our services. The rich come often to change moods that they cannot pull themselves out of or to treat their old and young. Our services are expensive. To see a mood aura, it costs 150 New Order Credits. Depending on what you see a health aura for, it can cost anywhere from 500 to 1000 New Order Credits.

In our particular facility there are 10 auras. In the Greater United States there are 20 facilities. Besides myself there are 4 other health auras. This is the most sought gift. There are 3 mood auras and 2 that help absorb the things we take from people. They are special auras that are rare. We were allowed out of the facility once a week. They would take us up north where there were not as many people. Watching movies, going to the bookstore, and going to restaurants were some of our favorite things to do. Normal things you would do at the age of 16.

We work six days a week. We can take four weeks out of the year to travel. I have been all around the world. Usually with several “handlers”. Japan and England are my favorite countries. We have also traveled to gatherings with other auras. Auras that have been around for decades will help the younger ones with their gift.







Flash Fiction #28

“Are you excited? Your life’s about to change?”

I stare at myself in the mirror while my mother puts on my veil. She then leaves me to my thoughts and I realize I am in the room alone.

Am I ready? I’ve heard that girls dream about their wedding day. Some even have them planned. Which sounds ridiculous but its true. My best friend had every detail of hers planned and her wedding was exactly what she wanted. It was expensive, but exactly how she pictured it. She married last year, and I was her maid of honor. It was a beautiful wedding. She seems happy with Trent.

My wedding. Mine. Me getting married, hitched, tied down. However, you want to describe it. I never pictured myself getting married. Here I am about to walk down the aisle. When Robert proposed a year and a half ago my family was jubilant.

“He’s amazing!”

“He’ll take great care of you!”


“You’re so good together.”

I was so overwhelmed with everything. Dresses, flowers, food, cake, and pictures. There was so much. I was also not quite sold on getting married. I said yes to Robert because of the pressure. Mothers can be relentless when you reach a certain age. Mine felt that 30 was too old to be getting married. She wanted grandbabies!!!! Robert and I had been dating for 6 years.

“Its time Kat. You two have been together too long.”

So here I am. I should have said no or backed out but I’m a spineless asshole. There was a knock at the door.

“You ready Kat?” My dad spoke softly in the doorway.

“Give me a minute.”

“Ok. I will be waiting in the hall.”


I took a deep breath and tucked my phone in my dress.

I open the door slowly and peer out. My father is standing down the hall with his back to me to my right. I look left and see that there is a clear path. I hesitate and look back at my father. I calmly slip out of the room and go left.




Flash Fiction # 27

I have lived in this village my whole life. I grew up knowing the other shop keepers up and down the main road. The butcher worked with the crane and wagon. He was always blocking the road. His shop was on the left side of the street. Daniel Smith sold produce on the right side diagonally from the butcher. The dressmaker, Mr. Johnson had his shop on the left side in front of the arch. The pub sat between the dressmaker and butcher.

Our shop was different from the others. Our shop stood in the other side of the arch hidden from the front of the village. I was the third generation to help run the shop. My grandmother and mother made candles, potions, salves, and various teas. My grandmother and I had a specialty that people came whispering about. We were able to take memories. Everyone in the village had come to us at least once.

The shop was small with two windows at the front. There were several herbs and flowers that hung in them. The walls were covered with red cloth that had gold accents. Three chandeliers held candles that gave the shop a soft glow. To the left of the room there was a table where we mixed our slaves, teas, and potions. On the right side, we made candles. The back room was split into two. One side to hold the rest of our ingredients and a side where we took memories.

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Flash Fiction #26

“You got the credits, we got the crystal.”

We continued to stare at each other for another minute. It has always been difficult dealing with Godin’s tribe. They were the only dark elves within my designated traveling zone. Since there has been a large number of nymphs and humans going missing they have been patrolling borders more closely.

“Gonid, Lyng is coming with the rest.”

Lyng is a goblin I had grown up with and now live with. Our city had a mix of human, elf, gnome, goblin, and nymph citizens. I am half elf, half human.

“Hossala, we cannot delay much longer.”

Damn. Lyng is never on time. I had told her an earlier time to be sure she would be here. Lyng came running in right as I was about to try and stall more. The guards drew their weapons.

“It’s Lyng. Gonid please.”

“Lower your weapons.”

“Thanks for the warm welcome gents.” Lyng comments.

“Why are you late?”

“Hi. Nice to see you too.”

We really needed this crystal. This was the second to last one we needed to buy passage to get to my brother in Crayus.

“Did you bring the rest?” Gonid snapped.


“Well, hand it over.” Gonid growled impatiently.

Lyng handed over a pouch full of credits. It had taken us six months to gather the 2,000 credits needed. Lyng and I worked extra hours at the shop we both worked at. I also took on a second job and collected credits anyway we could.

“Gonid. The crystal.”

“One turquoise crystal. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.”
We left his shop as fast as we could and headed to the train station.

“Why were you so late? We almost lost the crystal.”

“Geofbane wouldn’t let me leave until I finished my order.” We looked at each other. She was annoyed I asked her. I could see it in her face.

“I did my best to get out early.” Lyng sighed. “Did he say how much we needed for the amber crystal?”

“6,000 credits.”

“6,000 is a lot. How are we going to come up with that much?”

“Same way we came to 2,000. We will work and save.”

“I will pick up a second job this time if I have to.”

“We can also go to the salvage yard. Find things to fix and sell.”


My brother Donmar was taken to a colony in Crayus two years ago. Lyng and I have been working since then to go to him. We are trying to bring him back home. They took him in the middle of the night. I had only been home for a few hours after my shift. I was woken by a crash. It was terrifying seeing my brother handcuffed and dragged out of our home.

Lyng and I continue to work and save. Hopefully we can make it to Donmar within a year.