Flash Fiction #39

We deal in the mysterious and unusual!

The sign was bright and bold. This shop looked cool from the outside. The building itself was old and the shops door was original.

“Jen, look at this place!”

“It’s different…”

“Let’s go inside.”

“For what purpose?”

“To look around. Come on dude!”


The bell rang as we opened the door and stepped in. The walls were lined with shelves on the left that held books. On the right the wall held shelves with different colored and sized bottles. The writing was so small and sometimes faded that you had to get very close to read them.






There were several more but Jen called me over to look at the books.

“These books have some weird titles.”

Werewolves: Anatomy and Physiology

Witches: Brews, potions and spells

“There aren’t any prices on anything. That’s odd.” Jen said.

“I’ve seen shops not put prices on stuff. Its not really that unheard of.”

In the middle there were five cases full of old artifacts. They hold everything including brushes, compacts, shoes, gloves, and almost anything you can think of.

“Can I help you ladies?” the shopkeeper seems to have popped up behind us out of nowhere.

Right then I see an emerald ring that pulls me in.

“Hi. Can you tell me about this ring?”

“This ring belonged to the high priestess of New Orleans.”

“What is a high priestess?” Jen asked puzzled.

“A female high priest.” the shopkeeper almost sounded disgusted she asked.

“Right.” Jen walked back over the bottles.

“It’s a beautiful ring.” I pull his attention back.

“That it is.”

“How much is it?”

“We deal in the mysterious and unusual. Do you have anything you are willing to trade for this?”

“Umm… like what do you mean?”

“For instance, this broach is over 1,000 years old and was worn by a pope who could bring people back from the dead.”

All I could do was stare at him.

“So how much does that one cost then?”

“It would cost 5 of your most precious memories.”

“My memories?”





Flash Fiction #38 Mia part 1


“Here are the keys to your new home. Let me know if you have any further questions. Congratulations on your first home!!”

“Thank you, Nancy.”

As she left, a silence fell over the house. My house. I ran around looking into every room. Exploring every spot I could. Tomorrow I would begin to bring my things and fill the home to make it mine.

“Tomorrow. It’s just going to be me and my stuff in my house…. Who am I even talking to?”

A door down the hallway slammed and made me jump. I screamed out. I went and looked down the hallway and into the room. Nothing seemed to be there. I double checked all the windows and left to go back to my parents’ house.


“How is the house looking?” my dad asked over dinner.

“Really good. I have already mentally been placing my furniture. I can’t wait to start filling it tomorrow.”

“James, Noah, Jerome, and Benjamin will be here around 8 to help us.”

“Do you have everything for the kitchen you might need?” my mother has been vocal about her uneasiness of me moving into a home all by myself.

Mia you shouldn’t be living by yourself.

Don’t you want to wait until you get married to buy a house?

What will happen to you all by yourself?

Don’t you want to find a nice man?

Why aren’t you married yet?

Its obvious that she is stuck on me getting married. I will be turning 34 this year and it kills her that I haven’t “settled down”.

“I already have everything mom. Remember I’ve lived on my own now for almost 10 years?”

“I wish you had married that boy.”

“Which boy? And why are you bringing this up now?”

“Owen. Because I don’t think its right that you are building a life on your own.”

“Mary, let Mia be.”

“I know mom. I love you. It will all work out in the end.”

My mother says nothing else about it but returns to dinner. We finish dinner and I help my parents clean up.

“Alright. I am going to head back to my apartment for the last time! I will see you in the morning. Mom, remember I will be bringing Rufus so you can watch him while we move.”

“I remember. I will see you in the morning.”

“Good night. I love you”

“Goodnight” my parents say in unison.

Flash Fiction #37

Everyone is born with a mark on their bicep. Sometimes its dots, a number or symbol. Mine is an infinity symbol. I can never reveal to anyone what my mark looks like. I have never seen one that looks like mine. The highest I have seen is 30. There is a club for those that reach 20, then 50, and there is an exclusive club for those few in the city that have reached 100.

I can only remember the last 10 lives that I have lived, so I am unsure at how many I have actually lived before that.  Sometimes you bring all of the memories forward with you. The last time I died I only brought with me the memory of my mother and father and the day that I died.

I can only assume that they were the reason I was in the institution to begin with.  They had come to visit me that day. It seems like it had been weeks since I had seen them. Honestly, I cannot remember all of the details. My mother looked withdrawn and tired. My father looked disheveled and unshaven. I thought we were going to sit down to have lunch like I remembered doing several times before but they stopped my nurse before we could make it that far.

“We aren’t here to have lunch today. We have come to say goodbye.” My father spoke so soft I could hardly hear him.

“Why?” I whispered back.

“It has become too much for us to be here. Your mother and I have to travel almost 100 miles round trip.”

“Cecilia, Are you ok?”

My head began to spin and my breathing became labored.

“Cecilia? Mr. and Mrs. Dirk, I am going to have to ask you to leave. Cecilia needs to lay down now.”

“Goodbye Cecilia.”

As my parents turned to leave I let out a sound that I had never heard before. It felt like my body was breaking. They moved as quickly as they could. As they reached the door I went barreling after them. They were able to make it across the street and as soon as my foot hit the asphalt I was hit by a car.


This scenario now plays through my head daily. Walking down the street I am always extra cautious of the cars and buses as they drive by. Today I am headed to my first day of college. It seems like I have waited years for this moment in this lifetime. As I round the corner I bump full on into a couple. As we look at each other it registers that we know one another. They see it to. My old parent stand a few feet in front of me.


Flash Fiction #36

The Chinese space station landed in the ocean like it was supposed to. No one was injured from the re-entry. No one was really around to see it fall. It had only been in space for a handful of years but this was long enough for it to bring something back to earth.

Not long after it had landed the Chinese brought the station back to a facility in the middle of the country. Everything began slowly after that. A neon pink cloud formed around the crashed station 6 weeks after it had been moved. At first it grew by only a millimeter in diameter a day. As it grew it became charged. Electricity would shoot through it. At first the effects of the cloud and electricity could not be seen. When they were visible it was devastating. Once you could see the effects, they spread rapidly. Once it spread all over China it went from country to country until the whole world was infected on some level. Animals and plants started to mutate. Aggressive animals at the top of the food chain became even more deadly. Plants that contained poisons were more lethal. As people began to change, the world did as well. Riots broke out in the streets as tensions ran high. Not all animals, plants, and humans were affected.

Those of us who were not changed had to go into hiding. It was scary and dangerous. My whole family had been eradicated and so I went off on my own to the middle of the US. I traveled by foot and went as far as I could every day. I have been in Montana now for two weeks. I have not seen very many people in these parts. I am going to be heading now into Canada. There has been talk of more space up there for those who have not been turned in any way.


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Flash Fiction #35

As I sit on my throne and look at all who I have turned to stone, I think of the one I loved. The god of the sea. It was my love for Poseidon and my carelessness for my vows that made me into the monster I am today. No man may look at me now and live to tell the tale. They all sit around me staring without being able to see me or the world around them. My palace has begun to crumble around me and my collection. I used to leave in the dead of night to see the world. But the world has changed and I can no longer move without being seen. So I sit and I wait for my palace to crumble or to add to my collection.

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Flash Fiction #34

They began to show up five days before my 18th birthday. The first tattoo showed up on my chest right where my heart would be. It began to appear while I was showering the morning of my birthday. My skin began to burn and right before my eyes a circle with a flower came through. It was terrifying. I grabbed a towel and ran out of the shower screaming for my grandmother.

“Grandma! There is something happening to my skin!”

As soon as she looked at my new tattoo she gave me a look that encompassed shock, sadness, and disbelief.

“Anna, calm down. Calm down. Come sit with me so I can talk to you.”

Now I was doubly confused. Not only was I getting spontaneous magic tattoos but my grandmother seemed to know what was happening.

“Anna, I think it is time you were told more about our family, your mother, and her death.”

“You told me she died in a boating accident. And what does that have to do with these tattoos and our family?”

“Everything. Our family comes from a long line of witches. The power is passed down from mother to daughter.”

What? A witch? Are witches even real? WHAT?

“Ok. So, you, my mom, and I are all witches? Like casting spells and riding broom witches?”

She laughed a little at that one.

“I don’t understand what is funny right now? First, I didn’t know witches were a real. Second, this is all so confusing. Third, I’m allowed to ask stupid questions.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry.”

“So, why tattoos?”

“They are the mark of a witch. As you grow and learn you will obtain more.”

“Will they all hurt like this one did?”

“Some of them will. It depends on how you get them and what they are for.”

“Alright. This is going to take some time to sort through everything I am feeling. I’m going to go and get dressed first.”

Tattoos? Spells? This is all so confusing. But before I could make it all the way to my bedroom I turn back to my grandmother.

“You said you had something to tell me about my mother.”

“Not right now Anna. Let’s have breakfast first.”

Her face was holding a secret. I could see it now. It was a look I had seen before. She got this look when she was worried about the outcome.

Flash Fiction #33

“Sir, it looks like the unit we were waiting for but I can’t be sure.”

“How far out are they?”

“Maybe five miles.”

This war had been long and drawn out. We had been at this post for two weeks now waiting for reinforcements before moving on.

“I hope it is them. We need to leave this post by the end of the month. Sooner if we can.”

“Are there more coming?”

“No. It’s us and this unit.”

“Do you know what’s waiting for us at the next post?”

“Three more units are supposed to be there. But I haven’t heard in a while.”

I hope the other units made it. I had heard that two or three units had been ambushed on their way. Communication has been sparse and infrequent.

“It seems to be the unit.” Sanders snaps me out of my thoughts.

“Well we should still be cautious. So ready your weapon.”

“Yes sir.”

Without binoculars I could see the caravan clearly now. They flew the right flag but these days it didn’t matter. You flew the flag you needed to get where you wanted. There were only three vehicles, which is half of what it should be.

“They look hurt.”

Damn. They likely got hit on the way. As they pulled up slowly I recognized the driver as Second Lieutenant Jones. He and what men I could see did look hurt. They were alert and it’s obvious they trusted us as much as we trust them.

“Are you Captain Tristan and Private Sanders?”

“Yes. You are?”

“Second Lieutenant Jones.”

“How many are with you?”

“Fifteen. We lost the rest in a few different raids.”

“Get them in. Get them fed, showered, and some sleep. We leave in four days.”

“Yes sir.”

“Sir, should I send the drone to the post to check out the path?”

“Yes Sanders. We will need to check everyday until we leave.”

“Yes sir.”


“Sir, we are 2 minutes out from the post. I’ve seen a few signs that there has been activity on the road but I didn’t see anyone.”

“Thats great news. Let’s hope it stays that way.”

The drone began to slow and as the post came into view it was clear that the men there were not our own. There were at least five units there waiting for us.

“What are we going to do?”

“We are going to go around to the next post.”

“What if that one is occupied also?”

“Then we figure it out once we get there. What other choice do we have? We can’t go back.”


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