Flash Fiction #56

“You want my memories?” he asked quietly.

“Only the ones of me,” she answered.

“What are you going to do with the rest of them Sadie?”

“Captain wants to sort through them. He thinks you hold the answer to winning the war.”


He sat there silently.


“M, he is going to get them either way,” Sadie pleaded with him.

“He will only get them if you hand them over. You know that.”

“He has sent another team after you. They won’t ask you like I am.”

“I am not the enemy Sadie. Again, this is something you know.”


A tear ran down her cheek and she turned away.


“The ropes are beginning to hurt now.”

“If you stop moving, I can get this over with and leave.”

“Don’t do this Sadie. I don’t have what he wants. If you do this, my head will be empty of everything.”

“I have to do this M. It’s for the good of everyone.”

“Is that what he has told you? I don’t have the answer…. You are willing to turn me into a ghost to fulfill the wish of a psychopath.”


Sadie began to sweat. She had been following M for a week debating on how to approach him. Earlier this morning she decided to break into his apartment. She attacked him and tied him up. If she tried to talk to him, she did not think she could follow through. This was easier for her. Talking to him would bring back many memories. She had not seen him in a year. Captain told her that M had all the information that they needed. He helped track M to this city about three weeks ago.


“Sadie, I am begging you.”


Sadie did not have a chance to answer or continue on to the extraction. A blast rang out and threw her against the opposite wall. Pain shot through her and her ears were ringing. Moving slowly, Sadie began to look around and tried to get up. A hole was blown through the door. It swung back and forth. The smoke was thick causing her to cough. M was gone.


“Damn it,” Sadie fell back and passed out.

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