9 podcasts for writing inspiration

I draw inspiration from several different things. One of my favorites has to be podcasts. I listen to them whenever I can. There have been times where I am listening and I have to stop to write an idea down. If I am having writers block It helps take my mind off of the story I am stuck on and podcasts are entertaining. I also want to spread the word on some of my favorite. I suggest if you find any of them are slightly appealing to you, that you give them a listen. I highly recommend all of these podcasts. A few of them have a few hundred episodes to choose from.

1. Overdue: A podcast about the books you’ve been meaning to read.

This is my favorite podcast of them all. When I first got an iPhone about two years ago this was one of the first podcasts that I began to listen to. It is also the one that I have never stopped listening to.
This podcast is hosted by two college friends, Andrew and Craig. They get together every week and discuss books. One of them will read the book and then they both discuss the book. The camaraderie between the two is amazing and it makes you want to be their best friends too. They cover every kind of book you can think of.
I love this show because it is informative and fun. With all the books that I want to read I would never get through them all. This gives a little snapshot of several books. Currently there are over 200 episodes to choose from. It also is a great way to add books to your to be read list.

2. History Dweebs: A look at true crime, murders, serial killers and the dark side of history.

I love this podcast. The name History Dweebs can at first be misleading. While they talk about history, it is focused on crime and murders from the past. The show is hosted by Tim, Chuck, and Brandy. They sprinkle in guest hosts from time to time. These three are amazing together. They are full of stories and fantastic for a laugh. Be cautious, this one does have adult language and is not for children by any means. The scripts and editing are done very well. These three have made a facebook group that is full of some of the best that I have ever met on the internet. It is a group full of support and laughing out loud.

3. The Vanished: Covering missing persons, one episode at a time.

It amazes me how many people go missing. It is heartbreaking and I cannot even fathom what I would do if a loved one went missing. Marissa focuses on those that have disappeared. She looks at current cases, does great interviews, and overall the podcast is done well. There is a facebook group where people share information on missing persons cases. You can also go there to find updates on cases. Marissa shares pictures or other aspects of the cases she is covering. One of the main reasons I love this podcast is the time and effort Marissa puts into the cases. She also allows focus to be brought to a case that might otherwise fall into the abyss of cold cases.

4. Dead ball: Tragedies in Baseball history.

I am by no means a baseball fan, but I don’t think you need to be to enjoy this show. Dead ball is hosted by two-thirds of the History Dweebs. Tim and Chuck started this show to talk about players from baseball history. Since the focus is on the players themselves you don’t need to follow the sport at all. Although if you are a baseball lover or fan I would recommend you give it a listen. My love of history is what brought me to this podcast but the hosts and content have made me stick around.

5. Appointment Television: A podcast about the TV you want to make time for.

Andrew from Overdue joined Margaret and Kathryn to talk everything TV! I have been fortunate enough to follow this podcast from its first episode. They discuss new tv, fall tv, what’s trending, and so many other topics related to tv. TV book club has to be one of my favorite subjects that they do. They will pick a season of a show and watch it all together. They give you time to follow along and it opens you up to shows you might have never had the time for. This also allows you to watch new shows.

6. In Sight: True crime, mysteries, and forgotten history.

Charlie and Ali are an amazing duo. One lives in Kansas City while the other lives in New South Wales. These ladies do a fantastic job even though they are thousands of miles from one another. I also love that it is a podcast run exclusively by women. They cover all sorts of true crime and mysterious cases. Once I was caught up on their episodes I have never fallen behind. The show is produced well and the scripts are great. They keep their show clean and it is easy to listen to several in a row.

7. They Walk Among Us: A UK true crime podcast covering a broad range of cases from the sinister to the surreal.

This show is specifically focused on true crime out of the UK. I have a slight obsession with the UK which is initially what drew me to this podcast. The husband and wife duo that produce this podcast are fantastic. Together Benjamin and Rosanna write and produce a weekly show. Their scripts and the quality of the show are amazing. They cover anything that has to do with UK true crime.

8. Death’s Door: A weekly show that explores a case from death row.

This is a new podcast but I find it really interesting. Dominique does a great job at looking at cases from death row in depth. She picks a new case every week. She also explains how death row, appeals, and laws pertaining to death row work. For someone like myself who didn’t know a ton about death row before she makes it easy to follow.

9. Haunted Visions: Ghosts, urban legends and paranormal phenomenon

This is another podcast that has launched recently. Brandy from History Dweebs and Rachel are a great duo that talk all things paranormal. I love this podcast because I didn’t have anything else like it on my list. These ladies do a great job of looking at ghosts and dark, strange subjects.

Some honorable mentions: In Sight Jr., TV Crimes, True Crime Garage, and Already Gone.

I really like these podcasts and wanted to spread the word about them. I think they are great for getting inspired to write. I also recommend you subscribe and leave reviews. They all have facebook pages or groups that they participate in. Make sure you check them out!



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