Day 15

Prompt: Your highs and lows of this past year.

A lot has changed over the last year. We moved and had a baby. Which doesn’t sound like much but doing both simultaneously is too much. But that’s how things unfolded for us this year. Around Christmas 2015 we found out we would be leaving Texas for Minnesota after only being there a little under a year. We had also just found out we were having a baby. We had to get the house ready to sell and get ready for a baby at the same time. We had nothing because it had been 7 years since our last pregnancy and we had gotten rid of all our baby things. So a week and a half after the baby was born we left Texas for Minnesota. The Midwest is different but the kids are happy and life goes on! So having a baby is like having highs and lows. It’s awesome but you are tired and sore and cranky. Moving has at times more lows than highs. So I’ve had several highs and lows this last year.


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