Day 13

Prompt: Your favorite Tumblrs.

I have to admit that I have no idea what Tumblr is. So I don’t have any favorites. Therefore I have made up my own prompt.

Prompt: What are your favorite Pinterest boards!

Writing- I found that Pinterest is great for prompts. It is actually where I found this 30 day challenge. In general it just has great information, ideas, and support for writing.

Genealogy- I love genealogy. Once I graduate I am going to jump back into researching my family. Again there is a great deal of information and ideas on this topic. Genealogy can be difficult and at times hard to navigate. It is awesome to have help and tips.

Recipes- This has helped with healthy meals and lunch ideas for my kids. Since I make  my children’s lunches it is easy to run out of new ways to feed them things. Children can get bored with having the same things all the time. It is good for help with meal planning in general.

Books- books, books, books!! I love reading! I will read anything: fiction, non-fiction, romance, history, true crime….. I could go on. I love getting recommendations and giving them. Pinterest is a great way to find lists of books or to find single books or books on specific topics. It is a great resource.

History- I follow history, archaeology, and vintage news. I love learning new things and being able to be directed to new websites. I also adore old pictures, which Pinterest is full of.


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