Day 10

Prompt: something that I miss.

This one is easy. Last year we moved to Minnesota from Texas. Prior to living in Texas we lived in Las Vegas. Also I grew up in Phoenix. So the point of all this is living in Phoenix and Vegas and then moving to different parts of the country really gives you perspective on how different food can be.

Living in the southwest I ate a lot of Mexican food. Good Mexican food that was full of flavor and sometimes spice. It was amazing and what I grew up on. Going to Texas the Mexican food was not good. Tex-mex is nothing like the Mexican food I’m used to and honestly if I never ate it again I would be fine. In Minnesota we have been able to find one restaurant that has ok Mexican food but it is still nothing like the southwest.

I miss Mexican food with a passion. I crave it and it is so hard to get good Mexican food the farther I get away from the southwest. I also miss things like del taco and in & out.  But mostly Mexican food!  While this might sound trivial it is not to me. I do miss family occasionally but since I have my husband and kids with me, it’s really all I need.


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